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Sinus Surgery Specialist

Robert A. Guida, MD

Plastic and Rhinoplasty Surgeon located in Carnegie Hill, New York, NY & Staten Island, NY

Sinus Surgery may be needed to alleviate long term sinus issues. Dr. Robert A. Guida is a plastic and rhinoplasty surgeon with locations in New York, NY and Staten Island, NY who can help.

Sinus Surgery Q & A

What is Image Guided Sinus Surgery?

Image Guided Sinus Surgery is a highly advanced type of endoscopic nasal surgery that allows the doctor to see the nasal passages in great detail on a nearby monitor during the operation. Dr. Guida is one of very few surgeons who has his own Image Guided Sinus Surgery Fusion machine in office.

Why do Sinus Infections Happen?

The sinuses are made up of a total of 8 small cavities. All of these cavities drain into the nose via small holes. If the drainage path is blocked, the sinuses are no longer able to drain correctly. This results in a mucous back-up in the sinus cavity. This back-up is highly susceptible to bacteria and viruses, which leads to sinus infections.

How Are Sinus Infections Treated?

Sinus infections are often treated with a course of antibiotics (1 to 3 weeks in most cases.) If the sinus infection is a one-time problem, this works well. However, many people today suffer from chronic sinus infections 4 to 10 times yearly. Treating chronic sinus infections with antibiotics can be a less than ideal option, as this approach can result in antibiotic immunity. People who suffer from chronic sinus infections may find that sinus surgery is the best long term answer.

How Does Sinus Surgery Work?

Sinus surgery is more sophisticated than ever now. An endoscope allows the surgeon to see a close-up view of the interior of the nose and sinuses during the procedure. This allows for the safest and most accurate surgery. The surgeon can gently shave away damaged nasal tissues while leaving the healthy tissues untouched. Thanks to improvements in anesthesia, patients can now have less nausea, less drowsiness, and a faster overall recovery. Dr. Guida doesn't pack the nose, which makes recovery much more comfortable.

Can Sinus Surgery Help With Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Yes, this type of surgery can correct severe cases of snoring and sleep apnea. Patients who haven't achieved any relief from oral appliances or other non-surgical therapy may find sinus surgery to be the best choice.


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