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Laser Resurfacing Specialist

Robert A. Guida, MD

Plastic and Rhinoplasty Surgeon located in Carnegie Hill, New York, NY & Staten Island, NY

A number of skin issues can be addressed with Laser Resurfacing. Dr. Robert A. Guida, a plastic and rhinoplasty surgeon in New York, NY and Staten Island, NY, provides skilled care to give patients the results they want.

Laser Resurfacing Q & A

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a skin treatment that is designed to selectively remove damaged skin without harming healthy skin. Dr. Robert Guida uses the UltraPulse Active FX and Deep FX lasers. These are the most effective skin resurfacing lasers available today, and they can produce tremendous results in patients who have a variety of skin issues and concerns.

What Problems Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Help With?

Laser skin resurfacing can help with a variety of skin issues, including fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, and sun damage. Laser skin resurfacing can even help add volume to the skin. The laser stimulates the skin cells responsible for collagen and elastin production, causing them to begin producing these things again. In time, this results in new volume in the desired areas. Laser skin resurfacing is a good solution for crow's feet, lines surrounding the lips, forehead wrinkles, and many other wrinkles. This treatment can also be used in other areas, such as the chest or hands.

What is the Laser Resurfacing Process Like?

Laser resurfacing is done only after the patient is properly numbed with a topical numbing cream in the treatment area. The numbing process may take around an hour to take full effect. The laser resurfacing process starts while the patient is wearing protective eyewear. Patients will simply relax while the laser treats the problem areas. Patients may feel some warmth, but the process isn't painful thanks to the numbing cream. The laser treatment takes under an hour for most patients, even if the whole face is treated.

How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Work With Other Types of Cosmetic Treatments?

Laser therapy works very well with other types of cosmetic treatments. It is often combined with non-invasive treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. Laser skin resurfacing can also be done at the same time as a surgical facelift and/or surgical necklift. The loose skin and muscles in the face and neck can be tightened during the surgery while the laser resurfacing improves the appearance of the newly tightened skin overall.


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