Will Lip Fillers Make Me Look Unnatural?

Will Lip Fillers Make Me Look Unnatural?

From exfoliation to peppermint oil to suction devices, the internet is full of advice about how to plump up your lips, but they all fall short of ideal. 

If you want natural-looking full lips, dermal filler injections are the way to go, but only if you get them from a professional, like Robert A. Guida, MD. Not only is he an expert on dermal fillers, he’s also a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, which means he understands your facial anatomy better than any medspa esthetician. 

That’s why so many of our patients throughout New York City and Staten Island, New York, trust Dr. Guida and recommend him to their friends. Here’s why some lip filler treatments create a fake look, and how Dr. Guida’s technique ensures a beautiful, believable smile every time.

Lip fillers — What can go wrong?

Lip fillers have the potential to change the contours of your mouth and give you a younger, more confident appearance. But an inexperienced injectionist can create an overdone, unnatural look if they make any of the following mistakes:

The wrong quantity of the wrong product injected into the wrong spot results in overfilled lips, unnatural borders, and undesirable “duck lips.” 

Dermal fillers involve a lot of variables to get it just right, and Dr. Guida has mastered them all. 

How to ensure natural-looking lips

Dr. Guida wants your lips to turn out perfectly just as much as you do, and he takes several steps to ensure you walk out loving your lips. Here’s how he does it.


Dr. Guida spends a good deal of time listening to what you want from your lip filler treatment and talking to you about what’s realistic to expect. He shows you photos of his work and discusses various options you have to achieve the look you desire. This is a great time to ask him questions, so you’re fully informed and there are no surprises.

This communication extends to your treatment session as well. Dr. Guida talks to you throughout the injection process and can show you progress along the way. 

The right product

Natural lips are soft and supple, so injecting a firm dermal filler can make your lips too hard. Dr. Guida uses hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®, specifically designed for use in lips to ensure a soft feel. 

Precise placement

Here’s where Dr. Guida’s years of experience and skills as a plastic surgeon come in. Knowing exactly where to inject lip fillers and at what depth requires experience, an artistic eye, and a deep anatomical knowledge base. 


When it comes to your bank account, more is better, but not so for your lips. If your goal is to enhance your smile but keep it realistic and natural, your injectionist needs to practice restraint and know when enough is enough. Again, Dr. Guida’s experience and medical skill give him — and you — an advantage.

True to you

Overfilled lips can alter your face, and not for the better. Your lip filler should reveal the best version of you. Technicians who use fillers to drastically change the shape of your lips are misusing the product. At Robert A. Guida, MD, your results are noticeable but natural.

If you’re ready to give lip fillers a try, you can trust Dr. Guida to deliver exactly what you want. To schedule a consultation, book an appointment online, or call one of our two New York locations today.

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