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Will Getting Plastic Surgery Make Me Look Unnatural?

Will Getting Plastic Surgery Make Me Look Unnatural?

Nothing works like plastic surgery to correct the effects of aging, childbearing, and gravity. In 2019 alone, more than 2.6 million people underwent plastic surgery to enhance their eyes, noses, breasts, bottoms, and more. Although the number of procedures took a slight dip at the height of the COVID pandemic, it has skyrocketed since then, and practices across the country report a significant uptick. 

2022 American Society of Plastic Surgeons survey revealed the drivers behind the surge:

Whatever reason motivates you to seek plastic surgery, chances are you have at least one thing in common with the millions of others looking to improve their body image — you want your results to look natural. 

Natural results are our specialty at Robert A. Guida, MD. As a highly experienced, double-board-certified plastic surgeon with an artistic eye and a great bedside manner, Dr. Guida delivers consistent outcomes that our patients love and rave about

However, plastic surgery is a complex medical specialty, and getting your desired results requires diligent research. Here are some of Dr. Guida’s best tips on achieving the look you desire from your plastic surgery.

Choose the right plastic surgeon

We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose the right plastic surgeon. While it’s good to talk to trusted friends and family members about their favorite surgeons, always remember that your tastes and personalities are different, and so are those of the surgeons. 

Interview potential plastic surgeons, including Dr. Guida, ask questions, look at their past work, and talk to their patients to gather all the information you need to choose a trustworthy surgeon.

Choose the right procedure

You may think you need an eyelid lift when you really need a brow lift, or you may assume you need a breast augmentation when a breast lift will deliver the results you want. Dr. Guida can help you navigate the various procedures and explain which one does what. You may discover that you need a combination of procedures. 

Listen to the expert

Many women want bigger breasts, but how big should you go? Bigger and biggest aren’t always the best. The same goes for your nose. If you want natural-looking results, sometimes a subtle change is preferable to a drastic transformation. Dr. Guida excels at producing pleasing changes that ensure you still look like you, only better.

Be realistic

If your goal is achieving natural results, you may need to manage your expectations. Most people seeking plastic surgery want to appear younger, but you'll be disappointed if you’re 55 and hoping to look 20. Dr. Guida can, however, shave years off your looks so that you’ll always look a few years younger, even as you age.

Time it right

Plastic surgery is a great way to fix the effects of aging, but your body continues to age after your surgery. Even the most stunning plastic surgery results are subject to change as the years roll on, so talk with Dr. Guida about your specific goals. He can assess your skin and body and let you know the right window for getting plastic surgery so you don’t have to repeat the procedure later.

Respect your downtime

You can derail your plastic surgery results by rushing your downtime or not following your post-operative instructions to the letter. Every person and every surgery calls for different care, but you can generally expect to include sufficient rest, good nutrition, and professional wound care to ensure minimal scarring and avoid complications. 

Be a patient patient

Your plastic surgery results appear in stages over time. Initially, you’ll see a lot of swelling and discoloration, and it’ll be tough to envision the final outcome. As those side effects subside, you get a better idea of what’s to come. It may take several months to a year before you finally look in the mirror and see exactly what you had envisioned. 

Consider injectables

You can extend and enhance your plastic surgery results with injectables like fillers and Botox®. These products are quick and painless and round out your youthful look. 

Schedule a consultation with Robert A. Guida, MD, by calling one of our New York offices in New York City and Staten Island. 

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