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What's Included in a Custom Rhinoplasty?

What's Included in a Custom Rhinoplasty?

Your friend may have your idea of a perfect nose, but that doesn’t mean it would look good on your face. And that’s where many people go wrong when they begin their rhinoplasty journey. Instead of setting your mind on a certain shape or size, focus on what  works with your other features, like the contours of your face, your lips, your cheeks, and your eyes. 

That’s what we do here at Robert A. Guida, MD. Dr. Guida is our board-certified, highly experienced plastic surgeon specializing in personalized cosmetic surgery. In fact, his approach to nose jobs is so innovative it’s trademarked — Rational Rhinoplasty™

Does a customizable nose job sound intriguing? Keep reading to discover how Dr. Guida can reshape and resize your nose so it fits perfectly with your face.

Talk to Dr. Guida

Your rhinoplasty journey starts with consultations with Dr. Guida. You read that right: consultations (plural). Talking about your ideal vision of your future nose with Dr. Guida sets the foundation for your results. If you and your surgeon have different ideas of what would look best on your face, you’ll never be happy with your new nose.

One of the things our patients love most about Dr. Guida is his ability to listen well and understand their concerns. He doesn’t come to the table with a preconceived notion of what your nose should look like. Instead, he asks questions — lots of questions — and you should, too. 

Together, you’ll look at before and after photos of past patients, examine photos of your nose, and use software to give you a look at what your new nose might look like. Some people can accomplish all this in one visit, but don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of meetings to land on the right size and shape for you.

Express yourself

Dr. Guida never uses a cookie-cutter approach to surgery, nor should you. That means that it’s more helpful to tell Dr. Guida what bothers you about your current nose rather than bringing in a magazine photo of someone else’s nose. For example, you can describe how you feel your nose:

These are just a few of the many complaints we hear. You may have a unique concern or combination of features you’d like to change. That’s where your consultations pay off and where our Rational Rhinoplasty comes in. 

Know your anatomy

Another aspect of your Rational Rhinoplasty is your unique anatomy. While Dr. Guida can do anything within the realm of plastic surgery, your anatomy dictates the best path. 

Dr. Guida is an expert at understanding the subtle differences that suggest how to proceed. During his exam, he can determine which techniques will be most effective and produce the most successful results.

Research your surgeon

The most important aspect of your customizable rhinoplasty is your surgeon’s skill. Many plastic surgeons can perform routine procedures and produce look-alike noses — in fact, over 350,000 perform rhinoplasties annually — but it takes years of education and hands-on experience to create aesthetically pleasing, unique noses that appear natural. 

Dr. Guida is known for his ability to develop personalized surgical plans and pivot mid-surgery when necessary. And that’s when your consultations make a big difference — because he knows you and your goals so well, Dr. Guida can adjust his techniques and the procedure on the fly if necessary to accomplish those goals. 

Whether you have a fractured nose, need cartilage support, have collapsed nostrils or a deviated septum, or any of several other nasal structure issues, Dr. Guida has the skill and experience to improve upon the nose you were born with. 

Don’t settle for a standard nose job; choose Rational Rhinoplasty, and get the nose that complements your face. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Guida, call us in Staten Island or New York, New York, or use our online booking tool


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