Helping Your Facelift Results Last Longer

These days, you have myriad options to help you fight the effects of aging. From Botox® and dermal fillers to laser resurfacing, you can choose the treatment that fits your needs and your budget. These methods are great ways to add volume and smooth wrinkles.

However, if you want a more dramatic change that addresses severely sagging skin, you may be a good candidate for a surgical facelift. Since any surgical procedure warrants seeking out the best in the field, many women and men throughout Staten Island and New York, New York trust Dr. Robert A. Guida to handle their facelifts. 

As a double-board certified plastic and rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Guida is highly qualified and experienced in the nuances of this delicate surgery. He brings to the table an impressive blend of artistic sensibility and expansive medical skill and knowledge — a combination that produces natural, noticeable, and flawless results. 

The many faces of facelifts

The first thing to realize about facelifts is that they aren’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. Because your skin and facial features are unique, Dr. Guida customizes your procedure to address your individual concerns and aesthetic goals. 

If you have excess fat in your cheeks or under your chin, he may opt for liposuction to remove it and smooth out your contours. If you have the opposite problem of sunken cheeks or a weak chin or jawline, he might suggest implants to reshape your features.

Most facelifts address the common problem of sagging skin, excess skin, deep folds and creases, and “turkey neck.” Dr. Guida solves these issues by making an incision hidden in your hairline that starts at your temples, runs in front of your ears, then ends behind them. Of course, he tailors the incision to your needs, so you may have a shorter one. And if you need Dr. Guida to tighten up your wobbly turkey neck, your incision might only span from your earlobe to your lower scalp. 

Once he has access to the inner tissues, he can remove or reposition them to achieve your desired results.

If you have multiple issues you’d like Dr. Guida to fix, you may be a good candidate for his trademark 3-in-1 Facelift™

1. Surgical facelift

In this comprehensive procedure, Dr. Guida performs a deep plane, two-layered facelift that lifts your superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). This technique allows him to leave your skin attached to the underlying muscle layer so you don’t end up with an unnaturally tight or pulled look. 

2. SmartLipo

SmartLipo eases the fullness of your neck by using laser technology to heat and tighten the tissues under the surface of your skin. The excess fat begins to melt and then coagulate, which seals your capillaries. Then Dr. Guida finishes with traditional liposuction. Your downtime and bruising are much less severe if you have SmartLipo first. 

3. CO2 laser resurfacing

A facelift that still sports sun damage seems to defeat the purpose, so Dr. Gudida’s 3-in-1 Facelift includes CO2 laser resurfacing to clear away sun spots and textural issues. 

Extending the results of your facelift

Dr. Guida takes pride in his work, and you will, too. However, while your results will last a long time — about 7-10 years on average — as time marches on, your face will naturally continue to age and change. You can slow down that process by following these tips to extend the results of your facelift:

It’s also a good idea to make a few follow-up appointments with Dr. Guida so he can check the progress of your healing. Although you receive detailed aftercare instructions to optimize your recovery period, everyone is different, so a quick check can ensure all is well.

As the years pass after your facelift, you may begin to notice small issues arising, such as fine wrinkles or age spots. Dr. Guida can address these quickly with noninvasive treatments that keep your face looking youthful and glowing.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for a surgical facelift, call us at either location, or book an appointment online today. Dr. Guida can restore your youthful face and guide you on how to make it last. 

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